A web application that shows you the latest version of apps in the respective app store.

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An Slack Slash Command for AppVersions.

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Fresh is a theme for the Hugo static site generator adapted from the gorgeous, Bulma-based theme of the same name from CSS Ninja.

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Android Developer Nanodegree

I got a scholarship for the Android Developer Nanodegree at Udacity at the end of 2017. The project contains all tasks which I had to solve.

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(Abandoned) bintray-release, ArtifactoryPublish and AndroidArtifacts


A super duper easy way to release your Android and Java artifacts to Bintray.

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A super easy way to release Android and Java artifacts to Artifactory.

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A super easy way to create Android and Java artifacts.

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(Abandoned) Geist & Geist-Server


Geist is an easy to use upload tool. It use Firebase Storage to store files in the cloud.

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This is the server side of Geist. Powered and hosted by Firebase.

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Read more about it in this Blog.

(Abandoned) MegaSound Beta

Take the full control of the sounds for incoming notifications!

Read more about the deprecation in this Blog.

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This website 🤓

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